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Celebrating Pride: How NCBA CLUSA is Advancing LGBQTI+ Inclusion in Our Programs


In alignment with USAID’s LGBQTI+ Inclusive Development Policy and our own Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Strategy, NCBA CLUSA is deeply committed to supporting the inclusion of LGBTQI+ people in our global efforts. In honor of Pride Month, we are highlighting three impactful programs worldwide that embody our dedication to LGBTQI+ inclusion. These initiatives engage LGBQTI+ people through inclusive data collection, active participation, and meaningful stakeholder involvement, ensuring their voices and needs are heard and integrated into our work.

Global | USAID Farmer to Farmer

NCBA CLUSA implements the USAID-funded Farmer to Farmer (F2F) program in Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Peru. This program aims to promote sustainable economic growth and agricultural development by sending American farmers and business professionals on 2-4 week volunteer technical assistance assignments. As NCBA CLUSA’s F2F project seeks to train 9,000 farmers, they are ensuring that LGBTQI+ persons are not forgotten. Data gaps in LGBQTI+ data are a significant challenge for better understanding what unique challenges and opportunities exist for LGBQTI+ people. Using NCBA CLUSA’s guidance and best practices on LGBQTI+ data collection, F2F is collecting and disaggregating program-level data beyond the gender binary to ensure that gender-diverse individuals are seen and included in program implementation. Additionally, as part of the project’s Gender, Youth, and Social Inclusion Action Plan, NCBA CLUSA will provide gender training to staff to ensure field coordinators can support LGBQTI+ volunteers.

Timor-Leste | USAID Women and Youth Creating Our Future (WYCF)

The five-year USAID Women and Youth Creating our Future (WYCF) Activity aims to provide training to 22,000 youth, women, and persons with disabilities (PWDs) to equip them with market-relevant skills to secure formal jobs or establish job-creating enterprises. While not explicitly in the project scope, WYCF has a commitment to engaging underserved and vulnerable populations. Project staff have engaged with a local LGBQTI+ organization as a key stakeholder with the goal of increasing LGBTQI+ participation in the training program. Facilitating the engagement of LGBQTI+ people, especially youth, in the program, ensures that they have the skills and opportunities to become economically empowered in their communities.

Dominican Republic | USAID Resilient Agriculture Activity (RAA)

In the Dominican Republic’s Resilient Agriculture Activity (RAA), funded by USAID, NCBA CLUSA aims to enhance agricultural productivity, improve food security, and strengthen the resilience of smallholder farmers and communities. To achieve this, NCBA CLUSA is actively working with LGBTQI+ individuals, including a dynamic member of the LGBTQI+ community, Miguel*, who has shared valuable insights that helped the program and its stakeholders understand the realities and challenges facing the community. Miguel* has created a connection with members of a local cooperative in San Juan province with whom he has been able to participate in their demonstration and field activities. He has participated in F2F volunteer assignments on low-cost organic farming practices which allows him to be seen as a valuable resource person and an active local disseminator of knowledge.

*Name has been changed to keep the program participant anonymous

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