Stabilizing an Industry in Crisis: Childcare Co-ops


Family childcare providers, who care for children in their home, work long hours for low pay and few benefits. With support from the ICA Group, providers in four states are developing purchasing cooperatives to improve working conditions and vitalize their industry. By providing member-sustained business services, cooperatives are a stable infrastructure for community solutions, leadership and advocacy that can weather ever-changing regulations and public funding streams, and the ebb and flow of philanthropic initiatives. This panel session will feature CoRise, an Illinois cooperative developing technology and financing solutions for providers who accept state subsidy, and National Resources for Family Child Care (NRFCC), a Pennsylvania cooperative developing a holistic, provider-led training program. ICA staff will provide an overview of their development approach, the opportunity presented by current market and policy trends, and their vision for industry-wide impact for the childcare workforce.

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