The Future of Member-Owned Business Associations: Building Impact and Influence


Cooperatives, credit unions and mutual insurance companies employ 10 percent of the world’s labor force. In the U.S. alone, one in three Americans are members of at least one cooperative. Yet a challenge remains in making sure more people and policymakers understand the cooperative advantage. At the same time, people around the world face massive challenges spurred by the changing nature of work, transformational technologies, aging populations and climate change. Now more than ever, member-owned businesses need to stay united to continue advancing the inclusive economy.

Associations of cooperatives, credit unions and mutual insurance companies are the place for these businesses to come together to tell the story and advocate for the cooperative business model. Learn from the CEOs of three national apex associations of cooperatives, credit unions and mutual insurance companies (representing Canada, Great Britain and the U.S.) on the trends in the sector and what associations of member-owned businesses should do next to increase the influence and impact of the cooperative business model.

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