Cooperative Hall of Fame inductee spotlight: Paul Bradley


A real estate agent’s critical assessment of Paul Bradley’s New Hampshire neighborhood put him on a lifetime mission to help owners of mobile homes achieve financial stability and pride of ownership in their communities.

At the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund (CLF), where he worked after college on an innovative program to help owners of manufactured homes buy their communities, Bradley quickly recognized that cooperative ownership can provide the financial security rarely available to mobile home residents.

During his 18-year tenure at CLF, Bradley expanded the program, adding home financing and new development. As a result, 12 cooperative communities grew to 80 and then to more than 120.

In 2008, Bradley turned his experience in resident-owned community (ROC) development into a market-based social venture: ROC USA. Implementing a business model he developed through a program at the Kennedy School at Harvard University – Bradley began scaling up co-op ownership nationally. ROC USA now develops co-ops in 15 states through a network of affiliated nonprofits and a national CDFI called ROC USA Capital.

In its first nine years, ROC USA helped convert 119 communities in 14 states, keeping 8,400 families in their homes. ROC USA now represents more than 210 co-ops and 13,400 homeowners — no co-op purchased with ROC USA’s assistance has failed.

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