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The theme of this year’s National Co-op Month, “Co-ops See the Future,” embodies what co-ops envision and work to achieve every day—a more sustainable and inclusive tomorrow.

Celebrated by cooperatives nationwide during the month of October, Co-op Month is an opportunity to celebrate the many ways cooperatives are using innovation to create shared prosperity for their members and communities.

With more than 40,000 cooperatives creating stable jobs and a more sustainable economy across the U.S., co-ops represent a proven way to do business and build communities.

This year’s theme is not only designed to unify messaging during the month of October, but also offers customizable resources that speak to each co-op sector. Find your sector logo online at, then add it to the main Co-op Month logo. Use your customized logo in your communication and outreach activities.

You’ll also find downloadable social media resources on our website. Share them during the month of October and don’t forget to mention how your cooperative sees the future!

The Co-op Month Planning Committee is co-hosted by NCBA CLUSA and Cooperative Network, with participation from National Cooperative Bank, Cooperatives for a Better World, National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association, National Co+op Grocers, Cooperative Grocer Network, Hanover Co-op Food Stores, Organic Valley, Minnesota Cooperative Education Foundation, United Farmers Cooperative, Tri-County Electric Cooperative, GROWMARK, Flint Energies and USDA Rural Development.

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