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Young People, Technology, and Co-op Values Can Change the World

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Across the planet, co-ops are transforming the lives of people for the better, providing access to ownership of key elements of their daily lives. As our interaction and communication in our everyday lives has seemingly been whittled down to 140 characters and instant sharing of our experiences, the younger generation will play a key role in the growth and cultural acceptance of cooperative values in meeting their short and long-term needs.

In her article “How young people, technology and co-op values are creating a better future” author Rhiannon Colvin reports on the founding conference of Students For Co-operation where she spoke to NCBA CLUSA member the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO), discussing the merits of student involvement in cooperatives.

How young people, technology and co-op values are creating a better future

By Rhiannon Colvin, The Guardian


Recently I jumped on a train to Birmingham and attended the founding conference of Students For Co-operation, a new national federation supporting students to set up co-operatives while at university. The aim is to help students gain control over key areas of their life, such as housing, food and transport, in an affordable and democratic way.

As soon as I arrived I could feel the excitement of something new beginning, and throughout the weekend I was inspired by the numerous ways co-operatives are already being used to help people collectively meet their needs in the UK and across the world.Read Article

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