Volunteer Opportunities

Farmer-to-Farmer Program

Membership with NCBA CLUSA connects you to our global cooperative network and comes with opportunities to make a lasting impact on communities around the world.

Our USAID-sponsored Farmer-to-Farmer program sends American farmers and agribusiness professionals on 2-4 week agricultural development assignments, promoting sustainable economic growth and agricultural development worldwide. Volunteer technical assistance from U.S. farmers, agribusinesses, cooperatives and universities helps smallholder farmers in developing countries improve productivity, access new markets and conserve environmental and natural resources.

Our Farmer-to-Farmer volunteers work with farmers, producer groups, rural businesses and service providers to develop the local capacity necessary to enhance food security, increase incomes, spur economic growth and address environmental and natural resource management challenges. As people who earn their livelihoods from agriculture, Farmer-to-Farmer volunteers are skilled at helping other farmers maximize their available resources. The knowledge that Farmer-to-Farmer volunteers provide never runs out, never breaks down, is never misspent and is infinitely transferrable to others.

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