2020 Cooperative IMPACT Conference Sessions – Purchasing

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A Conversation About Business Continuity

Moderated by Stratus Wealth Advisors, this roundtable discussion will center attendee participation. This session will focus on the challenges that purchasing cooperatives and their members are facing as they continue to deal with the economic and social effects of COVID-19 and strategies for using this health and economic crisis to create more resilient business continuity plans so that both the purchasing cooperatives and their members can better withstand economic shocks, allowing them to focus on bringing long-term success to their communities as opposed to short-term profits to themselves. Discussion questions will touch on both the emotional and financial challenges purchasing cooperative leadership and their members face, such as:

  • How many of you and your members had a business continuity plan in place prior to the coronavirus crisis?
  • What are the most important elements of a business continuity plan for your industry?
  • How many of your members have performed an operational or risk assessment?
  • What are the important elements of a business continuity plan?
  • When is there time to discuss business continuity planning and where do I turn for educational resources?
  • I like the idea of a business continuity plan, but I have no idea where to start. Can someone help me?

Moderator: Sam Brownell, Founder, Stratus Wealth Advisors
Panelist: Andrea Dunathan, Founder & Principal, Dunathan Consulting


A Different World: An Introduction to Running a Virtual Event

Speaker: Tom Ivey, Communications Officer, DotCoop Enterprises 


Benchmarking Success in a COVID-19 World

NCBA CLUSA partnered with CoMetrics to deliver a benefit for NCBA CLUSA’s purchasing cooperative members. In 2020, this year’s benchmarking compared year to year data, in addition to initial FY2020 impacts to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic recession.

Speaker: Paul Giudice, CEO, CoMetrics


Change Management: The Board’s Role in Being Strategic

Discuss in a live session how the board can become more strategic in relation to change management in the organization. Understand the board’s strategic role relating to change management, challenges that get in the board’s way and how to avoid them. Leave with idea’s for improving your board’s governance excellence in being more strategic.

Presenter: Leslie Hilton, Vice President of Governance and Board Development, FCC Services


The Cooperative 401k Plan Option

Benefit your member organizations with timely, accurate, and responsive retirement plan services through an Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) platform. The Association/Cooperative may receive recurring non-dues revenue for groups that join, while also providing a valuable and discounted service to your members. Plan designs include fee transparency, professionally managed portfolios, screening processes for fund lineups, and low cost fee structures. Each plan is unique to each of your member organizations. Whether or not you have a current plan, or are looking into establishing a new plan, we are here to guide you through your options.

Presenter: Verlyn Hahn, President and Co-Founder, Hahn Financial Group 
Presenter: Luke Hahn, Health Division Manager, Hahn Financial Group


The Cooperative Board Role in Times of Crisis

Cooperative leaders are in critical need of the foresight and seasoned judgment that a well-functioning board of directors can provide. 2020 is also the year where boards are quickly evolving to carefully balance providing support to management teams operating in highly stressful conditions with challenging them to ensure that they make the best decisions throughout a crisis for which no playbook exists. During this session, you’ll learn key areas for board focus, pitfalls and blindspots to avoid. Leave with a plan to make sure your board is focusing on the right things at the right time.

Presenter: Leslie Hilton, Vice President of Governance and Board Development, FCC Services