The Cooperative Economics Council (CEC)

NCBA CLUSA’s Cooperative Economics Council

NCBA CLUSA’s Cooperative Economics Council fills a critical gap within the cooperative sector, providing a forum for best-in-class cooperative economists and other experts to explore ideas and publish research meant to help tell the story of cooperative impact in a more powerful and compelling way.

Research by the council informs the work of the Congressional Cooperative Business Caucus and the Interagency Working Group on Cooperative Development, and is meant to influence policymakers, thought leaders and other stakeholders.

The council is positioned to quickly respond to data on cooperatives collected by the 2017 Economic Census and set for release in 2020. New research and articles by members of the council are published in the Fall issue of the Cooperative Business Journal and distributed at NCBA CLUSA’s annual Co-op IMPACT Conference.

Meet the Members

“Basic information on cooperatives is critical to economists and policymakers seeking to advance understanding of how cooperatives can be supported as a means of improving market operation and contributing to a growing and inclusive national economy.”


Members of the Council of Cooperative Economists include experts from a diverse set of cooperative associations, research institutions, academic institutions and associations exploring the economic impact and potential of cooperatives. Most members have economic expertise; some bring legal, finance, management, labor relations or sociology expertise to the Council.