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With more than 100 years of experience in the United States, NCBA CLUSA has supported communities empowering themselves in over 85 countries around the world since 1953.

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a values-based organization

NCBA CLUSA seeks to alleviate poverty through social and economic empowerment. Our cooperative strategies and innovative local solutions catalyze economic and social development. We act as advocates for and drivers of inclusive economies.

NCBA CLUSA envisions a world where people have the knowledge, resources, and authority to build prosperity and well-being, for themselves and future generations. We work in three areas to achieve this vision:

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Either through project partnerships, volunteer opportunities or consultancies, there are many opportunities to support our work. Our evidence-based, result-oriented approaches help people and businesses to work together for a prosperous, sustainable future. We offer a set of tested, proven approaches ideally suited to help a wide range of companies build responsible, sustainable supply chains, and meet their business growth needs in the developing world.

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