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NCBA CLUSA seeks to alleviate poverty through social and economic empowerment. Our cooperative strategies and innovative local solutions catalyze economic and social development. We act as advocates for and drivers of inclusive economies.

NCBA CLUSA envisions a world where people have the knowledge, resources, and authority to build prosperity and well-being, for themselves and future generations.

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The CLUSA Approach™ to Sustainable Development

Grounded in the seven cooperative principles, our approach asserts that our clients are the decision-makers when it comes to solving their communities’ most pressing development needs.

Our community-led approach empowers people to articulate, promote and manage sustainable, locally-generated solutions.

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Our Innovative Approaches

Locally generated solutions are key to sustainability

Nutrition-led Agriculture

NCBA CLUSA’s “Nutrition-led Agriculture” approach to food security focuses on market-driven crop production that incorporates nutrition at every point of the agriculture value chain.

Sustainable Sourcing Solutions

NCBA CLUSA partners with companies and organizations pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals and looking to source in a sustainable and responsible manner to develop inclusive value chains.

Citizen Working Groups

NCBA CLUSA helps communities to form citizen working groups composed of community groups, local entrepreneurs, water user associations, savings and loan associations, and traditional leadership, ensuring all voices are heard in community planning.

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Through project partnerships, volunteer opportunities and consultancies, NCBA CLUSA offers many opportunities to support our work. Our evidence-based, result-oriented approaches help people and businesses to work together for a prosperous, sustainable future. If you are seeking to build responsible, sustainable supply chains and meet business growth needs in the developing world, NCBA CLUSA is your partner in the world.

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