ABCs of Cooperative Impact

ABCs of Worker Co-op Impact

Valerie Rettberg-Smith, right, and Elizabeth Dashnaw are among six worker-owners at BreadHive. [photo: John Hickey/Buffalo News]
Measuring impact is a valuable tool for communicating the importance of cooperatives to their members, communities and policymakers. In partnership with theĀ Urban Institute, theĀ Cooperative Development Foundation and the National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA) have developed a seven-factor framework for evaluating cooperative impact. These factors are: Access; Business Sustainability; Community Commitment; Democratic Governance and Empowerment; Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Financial Security and Advancement; and Growth.

We encourage you to make use of this resource! The sector report below examines how worker co-op ownership influences economic activity, community vitality and individual well-being based on this framework. Download the full sector report, or just the infographic.