Creating Economic Opportunities

Building Prosperous Communities

Our Approach

Building income and sustainable business forms the core of NCBA CLUSA’s approach to economic development.

We act throughout the entire market system—from smallholder farmers to government ministries, from input suppliers to financial markets—to help people realize lasting economic growth. With our support, agribusinesses, entrepreneurs and farmers increase their economic benefits.

We work with these groups to develop new markets and improve existing economic opportunities. With NCBA CLUSA’s support, they increase productivity, improve quality, and connect with the global market.

Our collaborative approach strengthens business relationships, policy environments and institutional capacity in support of inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

We empower people to work within market systems to raise their standards of living through cooperation and investment. Our activities create jobs for women, men and youth in improved production, value-addition services and strong business relationships with suppliers and markets.

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Our Annual Impact

Economic opportunities for women and youth increase incomes across communities


Small Enterprises supported

A variety of co-ops, producer groups and independent businesses received technical support through our programs

Hectares under improved land management

With conservation farming, farmers can achieve up to 60% greater yields.

($USD) Sales from clients through our projects

This included sales from agriprenuers, youth associations and women-owned enterprise in products like millet, cocoa, coffee, vanilla, seeds and more.

Partner With Us

Approach Highlight

Agriprenuers and CultiVert™

Agriprenuers are last-mile entrepreneurs who bring knowledge and goods to rural communities. Farmers gain access to quality inputs and technologies; communities can buy and sell quality, nutritious products; women and youth can find meaningful employment, either as Agriprenuers or as value-addition entrepreneurs. Because these entrepreneurs also integrate with community governance systems, they can address gaps in the value chain based on community-identified needs.

In Senegal, the network has formalized under the CultiVert™ brand, which provides quality assurance and business support to rural businesses.

Approach Highlight

Sustainable Sourcing Solutions

Cooperatives, owned and managed by smallholder farmers, hold the key to sustainable sourcing solutions for partner organizations.

NCBA CLUSA partners with companies and organizations pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals and looking to source in a sustainable and responsible manner to develop inclusive value chains. By providing supply chain solutions for specialty products like coffee, cocoa, vanilla and others we work with smallholder farmers at the beginning of the supply chain. Increasing their capacity, product quality and ultimately their incomes, provides a stronger supply, and higher quality product to companies interested in sustainable sourcing while also empowering communities.

With partnerships with organizations like McCormick Spices, Starbucks Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee and others, we can provide sustainable sourcing and improve farmer livelihoods across the world.