Cooperatives for a Better World releases new Work4Coops video in celebration of the International Day of Cooperatives!

The video aligns with this year’s global theme for International Day of Cooperatives, Co-ops 4 Decent Work, and shares the message that cooperatives are a better kind of business where people come first.

In celebration of International Day of Cooperatives, Cooperatives for a Better World (CFBW) has released a new Work4Coops video. As more and more statistics confirm people’s desire to work for purpose-driven companies, this video highlights the values-based and people-centered work that is happening at cooperatives across a myriad of industries.

The International Labour Organization and the World Bank estimate that the global labor force encompasses 3.4 billion people, and approximately 10 percent, or 340 million people, are directly employed by or get their main source of income from co-ops. This new video both reaffirms for current employees and shares the message with people searching the job market that co-ops are more than perks and culture‚ÄĒthey are inspiring, mission-driven businesses driving positive outcomes for their members, employees and communities.

‚ÄúGiven the proven impact co-ops have in growing a more inclusive economy through member-ownership and providing people with purpose-driven work, co-ops should be the employer of choice, the business model of choice for entrepreneurs today,” said Howard Brodsky, chairman of CFBW.

The video aligns with this year’s global theme for International Day of Cooperatives, Co-ops 4 Decent Work, and shares messages that cooperatives are a better kind of business where people come first, where employees are empowered to make a positive difference in the world and, in a growing number of cases, where people benefit from member-ownership of their work place. These defining qualities that differentiate the co-op business model from the conventional corporate business model position co-ops as a desirable workplace, as well as a unique structure for entrepreneurs to utilize to ensure more people benefit economically and socially from the businesses they are connected to.

‚ÄúThe positive impact and influence co-ops can have on the world is exponential. Our big job is to make sure more people know and understand the co-op model,‚ÄĚ Brodsky added.

Cooperatives play a growing role in the global economy. There are 65,000 co-ops in the U.S. alone, and 2.6 million unique cooperative businesses in the world with over 1 billion members.

The Work4Coops video is a collaborative project between Cooperatives for a Better World and NCBA CLUSA member CCA Global Partners. Cooperatives for a Better World is the organization behind the ‚ÄúWhat If‚ĶCooperatives‚ÄĚ campaign collaboration with the International Cooperative Alliance and 14 country partners, and the ‚ÄúWe Are Cooperatives‚ÄĚ video that premiered at the International Summit of Co-operatives in 2016.

CCA Global Partners is the 14th largest retail cooperative in the world, operating as a co-op of co-ops with 15 separate business divisions in industries from flooring and home improvement, biking and sports retail, to childcare and nonprofit shared services. As one of many co-ops for decent work, CCA Global spends every day supporting its members‚ÄĒindependent business owners in four countries‚ÄĒwith better pricing, cutting-edge technology, shared services and more so each independent business owner can concentrate on delivering the best goods, services and local job opportunities in their communities. CCA Global supported this project in effort to help all co-ops share their identity and pride in providing decent and purpose-driven work across the country and around the globe.

For more information on using this video, to request an interview or make a general inquiry, visit or call +1 (603) 628-2396.

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Cooperatives for a Better World is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization providing individuals and businesses the inspiration, expertise, tools, and connections to reach new levels of cooperative success. They have produced assets that have been translated and distributed in over 14 countries and shared in the largest cooperative business forums in the world. The organization operates as a primary platform to explore the local, national, and global cooperative story and connect the wide variety of sectors, sizes and countries in which cooperatives, credit unions, and mutuals exist and the contributions they make to the economies and communities in which they are tied. Explore now at
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CCA Global Partners, Inc. is a privately held cooperative based in the United States with member businesses in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. For more than quarter of a century, CCA Global has partnered with entrepreneurial business people to create a cooperative powerhouse unmatched in the marketplace. With 14 independent business brands and more than 3,500 locations, CCA Global Partners is well positioned to positively impact the success of independent businesses. CCA Global’s unique business model has a proven track record of empowering thousands of entrepreneurs. They continually evolve and expand to reach their goal of creating a mutually rewarding bond between the company and community in order to generate social development and enhance the lives of customers and entrepreneurs around the world. Learn more at

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