Ensuring your voice is heard at the federal level


NCBA CLUSA President & CEO Doug O’Brien recently spoke with senior officials in the Small Business Administration Office of the National Ombudsman, and we want to share resources that may be available to your co-op.

The Office of the National Ombudsman was established in 1996, “to assist small businesses, small government entities, and small nonprofits when they are subject to excessive enforcement by a federal agency.”

If your small business is facing regulatory challenges with any federal agency, you are encouraged to file a comment with the National Ombudsman. You will then be assigned a case manager who acts as an impartial liaison between your business and the respective federal agency. Your comment is shared with the federal agency of concern for a high-level review. Federal agencies are required to respond to the comment within 30 business days.

To start the process, your co-op may fill out the short document to ‘File a Comment’ here. This two-page document to describe the issue your co-op is facing and the desired resolution the co-op is seeking. Businesses are encouraged to include any supporting documentation to further describe the issue at hand.

More information about the Office of the National Ombudsman is available here.

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