Hanover Co-op launches workshop series aimed at helping farms and food producers

The upcoming workshop series is a new way Hanover Co-op is sharing knowledge about the local food economy.

As part of its broader effort to support food production in New England, the Hanover Co-op has launched an affordable series of workshops aimed at farmers and food producers. Sessions are scheduled for each Friday in March and include presentations by experts in food safety, production and delivery, financing, direct sales, and more. Each workshop is priced at $5, with all proceeds going to local 4-H Clubs. Online registration is now open.

Hanover Co-op Director of Public Relations Allan Reetz, who works on food advocacy issues, said this series has been in planning for more than a year.

Reetz’s connections with experts and farmers got the process moving quickly. “We have received enthusiastic support for this series from every instructor we asked. These experts are well respected in the New England food economy and ready to share their best tips with newcomers and experienced farmers and food producers alike.”

During this workshop series, attendees can:

  • Jumpstart their understanding of food safety regulations
  • Hear about ways to improve their hiring practices and get control of “wage and hour” issues.
  • Connect with agriculture field representatives from Vermont and New Hampshire departments of agriculture.
  • Make a production kitchen safer and paperwork easier to tackle.
  • Talk to distributors about what’s involved in driving goods to market.
  • Know what Hanover Co-op buyers are looking for when considering new products.
  • Get the most out of vending at farmers markets this summer.

All morning sessions run 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Afternoon sessions run from 12:30 to 2:00 (afternoon session on 3/29 runs 12:30 – 3:30).


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