Join the NSAC next month for a better understanding of co-op financials, taxation and accounting


Are you new to the co-op industry or want a better understanding of concepts like patronage dividends, Section 199A(g) and hedge accounting? Co-op 101 is the perfect opportunity for professionals like you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the cooperative landscape.

Join the National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives in partnership with NCBA CLUSA on Thursday, March 7 from noon-3 pm EDT to gain the knowledge and tools you need to excel in your field. Registration is free for NSAC and NCBA CLUSA members.

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During this engaging course, you’ll embark on a journey to define cooperatives and delve into the fundamental principles that underpin their unique structure. Join us for this practical guide that reviews areas specific to cooperative financials. You’ll discover how to effectively manage the financial side of a cooperative business, explore the intricacies of inter-cooperative investments and grasp the basics of hedging. Dive deep into the world of cooperative taxation and analyze key accounting issues that are unique to cooperative entities.

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