NASCO and SCH take steps to promote transatlantic solidarity within the student housing cooperative movement


 The North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) and Student Co-op Homes (SCH) announce that both organizations have opted to join Cooperative Housing International (CHI), a subsidiary organization of the International Cooperative Alliance that promotes cooperative housing on a global scale.

NASCO, as a cooperative federation serving the United States and Canada, and SCH, as a cooperative federation serving the UK, each work towards the stability, strength, and growth of the student housing cooperative sectors in their respective regions.

Having recognized shared missions, NASCO and SCH adopted a Transatlantic Solidarity Agreement in September of 2019 outlining the intention to develop a mutually supportive partnership; membership in Cooperative Housing International is the first step. Through membership in CHI, NASCO and SCH acknowledge the importance of engaging in cooperation globally through information exchange, collaboration, and raising awareness.

NASCO and SCH’s stated commitment to international cooperation through CHI membership paves the way for global collaboration and the promotion of a strong and interlinked student housing cooperative movement across borders.

If you would like to learn more about NASCO and SCH, please visit their websites at and

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