NCBA CLUSA Announces Premier Sponsor for 2016 National Purchasing Co-op Conference


NCBA CLUSA is pleased to announce that technology and industry expertise provider LBMX will be the premier sponsor of the 2016 National Purchasing Cooperatives Conference, to be held in Miami, Florida, from September 19 – 21.

An Associate Member of NCBA CLUSA and key contributor to the international co-op movement, LBMX’s mission is to provide purchasing cooperatives, buying groups and their independent members the same technology advantages their corporate competitors enjoy. LBMX business solutions add value and reduce costs through automated invoice processing, real-time rebate tracking, focused buying programs, business intelligence tools and integrated ordering systems.

“NCBA CLUSA is thrilled to welcome LBMX back as the premier sponsor of NPCC 2016,” NCBA CLUSA CEO and President Judy Ziewacz said. “As the purchasing sector continues to change and evolve, LBMX has been a partner for our members as a business resource. Our work together is a key component of NCBA CLUSA’s continued service to the co-ops and diverse shareholders that comprise the North American purchasing sector.”

Since 1998, NPCC has been hosted by NCBA CLUSA and serves as the premier event for purchasing and shared services cooperatives in the U.S. Each session is designed to address top industry challenges, with the primary goal this year to provide attendees the tools to elevate connections within their co-ops, with members, industry peers and the customer. Through three workshops, six master classes and a keynote focused on B2B and eCommerce, attendees will learn how to grow their organization and engage their membership by embracing both technology and their unique co-op identity.

“LBMX is proud once again to be the premier sponsor of NCBA CLUSA’s 2016 Purchasing Cooperatives Conference,” said Greg Dinsdale, President and CEO of LBMX. “We are especially excited by this year’s conference since the theme is ‘Growth, Technology and the Co-op Advantage.’ For almost two decades, LBMX has been helping purchasing cooperatives and their members grow with our innovative technology solutions and consulting services. We look forward to continuing our partnership with NCBA CLUSA and are excited to catch up with old friends and make new ones in Miami.”

For information on the conference or how to register for NPCC 2016, please visit us online or contact Bryan Munson, NCBA CLUSA Manager of Business Development, by email or phone at (202) 471-0900.

About LBMX

LBMX is the leading provider of real-time data technology solutions exclusively for cooperatives, purchasing groups and their independent members. LBMX helps groups deliver on their value proposition with a suite of applications designed to facilitate electronic ordering, improve rebate management, capture plateau opportunities, maximize and flex buying power and enable more strategic purchasing decisions, using real-time data. Based in London, Ontario (Canada), the LBMX team of industry experts is proud to deliver an environment of growth and prosperity for customers throughout Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.


NCBA CLUSA is the nation’s oldest and largest national membership association representing cooperatives of all types and in all industries. NCBA CLUSA’s mission is to develop, advance and protect cooperative businesses and to demonstrate the power of the cooperative business model to achieve economic and social impacts. As the apex organization representing the interests of the U.S. cooperative community, NCBA CLUSA provides a unified voice on Capitol Hill and its portfolio includes programs and services that meet the shared advocacy, education and communications needs of a cross-sector, US cooperative community.

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