NCBA CLUSA Welcomes New 2018 Members


NCBA CLUSA is thrilled to welcome more than a dozen new and returning members—ranging from Bermuda’s business development sector to a worker-owned cooperative bakery chain in California—to a vibrant and growing lineup of businesses building a more inclusive economy.

Learn more about the cooperatives and individual co-op champions who have joined NCBA CLUSA below!

New Cooperative Members

Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives
Founded in 1996, the Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives develops democratically run businesses whose worker-owners are in control of their livelihoods. The first Arizmendi Bakery opened in Oakland, California in 1997. There are now six thriving bakeries in the Bay Area. Arizmendi is a 2018 returning member of NCBA CLUSA.

Consumers Cooperative Society of Santa Monica
A 30,000-member cooperative in Santa Monica, California, Consumers Cooperative Society of Santa Monica provides its members with a discount pharmacy savings card, membership with Kinecta Federal Credit Union, volunteer opportunities, financial literacy, scholarships and more.

Independent Steel Alliance
The Independent Steel Alliance is a purchasing cooperative for independent rebar fabricators. The alliance serves its members by negotiating rebates from suppliers, harnessing the power of collective purchasing.

National Information Solutions Cooperative
The National Information Solutions Cooperative provides IT solutions for utility cooperatives and telecom companies across the U.S. An industry leader in providing advanced, integrated IT solutions, the co-op develops and supports technology solutions that enable its member-owners to excel in customer service, maximize diversification opportunities and compete effectively in the changing utility and telecom industries.

Rchain Cooperative
RChain Cooperative is a startup technology co-op that develops open-source RChain platform software. In 2016, RChain resolved to build a better blockchain architecture. Its mission is to grow the ecosystem around the RChain platform by incubating startups, forming joint ventures, developing products and delivering professional services.

RQR is a national purchasing cooperative created by roofing contractors for roofing contractors to purchase supplies cheaper across the country. RQR’s mission is to increase its members’ buying power and double their profits within the first five years of full operation while maintaining its core principles.

The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation
The government of Bermuda has invested millions to begin the development of new equitable cooperative businesses and the conversion of current businesses into cooperatives. The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation, which promotes business growth in the country, joined NCBA CLUSA to gain knowledge capital, strategy and insight into the cooperative movement.

New Individual Members

Jerry Barney
Olympia, WA

Wilson Beebe
Red Bank, NJ

Kirstie Boyette
Washington, DC

Jennifer Bryant
Washington, DC

Joyce Haywood

Seth Heald
Rixeyville, VA

Doug Kerr
Washington, DC

Doug O’Brien
Washington, DC

Nathan Schneider
Boulder, Colorado

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