NCBA CLUSA’s 2019 Annual Report now available online

In 2019, NCBA CLUSA focused on the “stability” and “sustainability” pillars of the Inclusive Economy.

NCBA CLUSA is pleased to announce that its 2019 Annual Report is now available online. Since 2017, NCBA CLUSA has been a collaborative partner in, advocate for and driver of an inclusive economy. Throughout 2019, our work amplified the ways co-ops are building a more stable and sustainable future.

In 2019, NCBA CLUSA marked 65 years of working internationally to ensure people have the knowledge, resources and authority to build prosperity and well-being for themselves and future generations. Our 18 active projects in 17 countries reached more than 600,000 people in 2019. Meanwhile, our Advocacy team worked to educate, differentiate and keep cooperative priorities top-of-mind before policymakers and stakeholders—critical work that ensures co-ops are recognized, supported in the budget and eligible for federal programs.

In October, we hosted the third annual Co-op IMPACT Conference, an unparalleled platform to reenergize the cooperative movement and galvanize its champions around building the next economy with “power in purpose.” And throughout the year, we hosted a series of regional Cooperative Policy Roundtables in partnership with the Cooperative Development Foundation.

Read the 2019 Annual Report

As we move through 2020, membership in NCBA CLUSA will remain crucial, not only in advancing a trusted, proven way to do business and build communities, but also in fully capturing the potential of the cooperative moment—our generational opportunity to shape a more inclusive future.

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