New webinar: Advancing co-op impact while upholding autonomy


NCBA CLUSA and the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) are joining forces once again to host our third conversation on cooperative identity—this time zeroing in on Principle 4. This principle states that cooperatives are autonomous, self-help organizations controlled by their members. In managing relations with governments, suppliers, sources of external capital and other stakeholders, they must ensure that members remain in control and that the cooperative maintains its autonomy.

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At the same time, cooperatives are critical tools for social and economic development around the world, and key partners in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By limiting its activity to environments free from outside stakeholder involvement or intervention, the cooperative movement would stunt its growth and severely limit its potential to bring about a more just economy. This webinar will explore how cooperatives can reconcile maintaining member control with maximizing their impact and influence.

Register now and join us for a robust discussion of the following questions and more:

  • How can cooperatives ensure that governments recognize their distinct character and maintain a level playing field in the legislative, regulatory and tax arenas?
  • Can cooperatives partner with governments and other stakeholders without undermining their autonomy and independent governance?
  • How can cooperatives best navigate highly regulated sectors, such as banking and insurance?
  • Can genuine, member-controlled cooperatives flourish in countries where governments see civil-society organizations as competing with or threatening their own power?
  • How can cooperatives that operate in sectors subsidized by the government, such as housing and health services, preserve their autonomy while complying with the rules of government programs?
  • When accessing capital, how should cooperatives address the tension between member control and the expectations of the funding entity?

This webinar will be presented in English with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish and French. 

About the Co-op Identity Consultation Process

As part of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA)’s #CooperativeIdentity consultation process, the Cooperative Identity Advisory Group (CIAG) is inviting focused conversations on key issues at the core of our shared identity. These discussions—including this webinar—will help determine whether the Statement on the Cooperative Identity has stood the test of time or needs a refresh to better reflect what it means to be a co-op in the 21st century. You can watch our first collaboration on equity and inclusion here, and our webinar on peace, justice and strong institutions here.

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