Power in Purpose: Cooperative Policy Roundtable in Denver, Colorado

Contact the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union to attend this local event in Denver, Colorado.

NCBA CLUSA, the Cooperative Development Foundation and local partner Rocky Mountain Farmers Union will host the second in a series of regional cooperative policy roundtables in Denver, Colorado in May.

The May 1 event will spur discussion around creating an enabling policy environment for cooperative development.

With 65,000 cooperative establishments and a total membership of more than 115 million people, co-ops are a powerful part of the U.S. economy. And while cooperatives contribute to the creation of healthy, sustainable and equitable communities, policies at the national, state and local level can hinder their growth and development.

This one-day roundtable discussion is an opportunity to connect with local leaders and cooperative business and development experts to identify and articulate the most significant strategic national, state and local policies, financing mechanisms and other systems and structures that support or impede cooperative development.

To attend the May 1 roundtable in Denver, Colorado, email the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union.

Special thanks to our local host partner Rocky Mountain Farmers Union for planning and logistical support. The roundtable discussions are a joint initiative of the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) and the National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA).

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