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Project Voices: NCBA CLUSA’s James Akai on the Next Big Crop in Malawi and Public-Private Partnerships


On our second episode of Project Voices, NCBA CLUSA’s Regional Director for East and Southern Africa Jonathan White interviews NCBA CLUSA Country Representative for Malawi James Akai. They discuss why sesame might be the next big crop in Malawi and why public-private partnerships are key to scaling up production and bringing in higher incomes for smallholder farmers. Listen below to hear how community-led development is bringing economic opportunities.

Project Voices was launched this summer to help celebrate NCBA CLUSA’s 100th Anniversary and highlight our international work. In this podcast series, we sit down with staff, technicians and community members on the ground in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia to learn about the innovations, challenges, daily life and work being done to build resilient communities, promote economic opportunities and strengthen cooperatives and producer groups around the world.

Listen (7 min):

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