Registration for the 2024 National Home Care Cooperative Conference is now open


The National Home Care Cooperative Conference is one of the highlights of the year for people who believe worker-ownership offers better jobs for caregivers and better care for clients. Registration is now open for the 8th Annual National Home Care Cooperative Conference. Join us as we explore, discover, and forge new ways to make care work for workers and families.

Under the theme “Taking Flight: Caring into the Future,” the annual event is scheduled for March 6-7, 2024 at the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation in Dulles, Virginia. Early-bird tickets are available until February 9.

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Over the past 10 years, the home care cooperative movement has experienced significant growth. Beginning with only five home care cooperatives in 2014, we now have 21 today with six cooperatives incorporated in 2023. Across the country, there are numerous startup efforts underway, showcasing the growing interest in this model. We will fuel this momentum at this year’s conference by providing training and tools to strengthen the sector and shape its future.

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