Renew your Commitment to your Cooperative Community – There’s Power in Numbers!


NCBA CLUSA’s membership renewal season is in full swing and we’re excited to add your voice in 2018 as we continue to amplify the success, diversity and impact of the cooperative business model.

Your NCBA CLUSA membership allows us to fulfill our mission—to develop, advance and protect cooperative enterprises that build a better world and create a more inclusive economy. The value you receive as a member is exponential and your continued engagement ensures your voice is heard as we harness the power, expertise and passion of the cooperative community through:

Advocacy Your membership places you and your cooperative at the forefront of cross-sector collaboration that works to educate members of Congress on the impact of cooperative enterprise and influence favorable federal policy. Through your support, NCBA CLUSA established the Congressional Cooperative Business Caucus, bringing together like-minded lawmakers who believe in the power of cooperatives to address society’s most pressing social and economic issues. Your support has also helped NCBA CLUSA advocate for the continued work of the Interagency Working Group for Cooperative Development to ensure that federal agencies understand the advantages and potential of the cooperative business model.

Awareness NCBA CLUSA’s public awareness events in 2017 culminated with the Co-op Festival on the National Mall, reaching a diverse cross sector of some 20,000 people in our nation’s capital. Our newsletter, Co-op Weekly, reaches a subscription base of thousands of people every week with news, events and features published by NCBA CLUSA.

Thought leadership Venues such as the first ever Co-op IMPACT Conference and newly reimagined Cooperative Business Journal is where real, tangible economic and social impact data is quantified, shared and discussed on a quarterly basis.

Development Expertise extends globally where NCBA CLUSA implements 24 development projects in 20 countries, funded by public and private sector partners, providing deep knowledge of community building and governance through the lens of cooperative principles.

Don’t miss out on these resources or sever your connection to over $3 trillion in assets working to create an economy that provides real economic opportunity and empowers people in the businesses they use. Join us in 2018 and experience even more value!

Please renew today by entering your invoice number and dues amount at If you need assistance or have lost your renewal information, please contact Stephen McDow, NCBA CLUSA’s Manager for Membership and Stakeholder Relations at or (202) 792-1055.

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