Stop in at your co-op or credit union this month to #BuildEconomicPower


The Valley Co-operative Business Association and cooperative organizations in the U.S. northeast are joining co-ops across the country to #BuildEconomicPower during National Co-op Month.

A new ad circulating in the region is encouraging cooperators and their community members to stop in at Valley area co-ops and credit unions to learn more about how people are working together to root jobs and infrastructure in our communities—all while putting people over profit. Scroll down to see the ad.

Each October for the past nine years, the Valley Co-operative Business Association organizes a shared ad for co-ops across all sectors. Last year’s ad ran in the Valley Advocate and Greenfield Recorder, showing readers what the cooperative spirit really means and getting the voice of co-ops out to the public.

The Valley region boasts producer, worker, consumer and secondary cooperatives that have proved resilient during recessions and a pandemic—preserving jobs, economic infrastructure and community wealth. By using the cooperative model, people are sharing resources to gain greater access to and control of food, finances and housing.

October is a great month to celebrate cooperatives in the Valley and across the U.S. National Co-op Month is an annual opportunity raise awareness of a trusted, proven way to do business and build community. Under the theme, “Co-ops Build Economic Power,” this year’s Co-op Month is also a chance to highlight the cooperative business model as the best way to build an economy that empowers everyone.

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