Supporting the next generation of cooperators at IMPACT 2020


The International Cooperative Alliance’s Youth Network empowers young cooperators to connect with the larger cooperative movement. [photo: ICA]
During this year’s Cooperative IMPACT Conference, NCBA CLUSA will host an exclusive event for young cooperators ages 18 to 35. This is an opportunity for the next generation of co-op leaders to meet and collaborate.

NCBA CLUSA is partnering with the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) to introduce its Youth Network that empowers young cooperators to connect with the larger cooperative movement. This will elevate youth-related issues and create a platform for the youth collective to have their voices heard on relevant issues. Through this partnership, NCBA CLUSA is helping the ICA to launch the U.S. chapter.

On the second day of international programming at IMPACT, which is available free of charge to the public, NCBA CLUSA’s international team will host a breakout session during which ICA Americas will present the Youth Network initiative. This breakout session is described below. Know a young cooperator who might be interested? We encourage you to share this information with your network and encourage young people to sign up and take advantage of this powerful program.

After IMPACT, we will keep the conversations going throughout the coming year by hosting webinars and networking events for young people possibly culminating in a Youth Summit at next year’s Cooperative IMPACT Conference.

Interested? Register here at no cost and choose “International Sessions Only” on the registration form.

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It’s clear that with the generational challenges we face – from inequality, to climate change, to systemic racism – there’s a need for a different way of doing things. The good news is that we already have one – the cooperative model. The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) formed the Youth Network in 2003 to give advice, support and representation to the cooperative youth movement. Its members are young people, aged 18-35 years, from all nationalities, who are working together to build more just and equitable societies. The Youth Network also works with cooperatives around the world to help them develop strategies to promote youth employment – to give young people better jobs, and to make sure that cooperatives employ them, keep them in work, and give them the chance to progress. In this session, you will hear from the Cooperatives of the Americas (ICA AMERICAS) Regional Youth Committee about their members work in the region. Learn how to organize and support young cooperators as part of the North America region. There will be follow up webinars and learning sessions for those interested in joining the ICA Youth Network and using the cooperative model for economic and social inclusion.

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