The Faces of Gratitude Project puts a face to both our frontline heroes and the gratitude we have for them


As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to turn the world upside down, we are all searching for the ability to “do our part” beyond simple self-isolation. The Faces of Gratitude Project is a powerful reaction to this unfolding new reality cooperatives, communities, and families are all facing, and one thing that everyone can do right now, as both a business and an individual, is let our essential and frontline heroes know that we support them.

Principle 7: Our Communities & Amplifying Gratitude

From the first onset of COVID-19, the public has been very supportive of our essential workers. But as the pandemic looks to stretch out across the Summer, we shouldn’t let our fatigue with the new normal detract from the dedication and sacrifice that frontline workers still make every day. From the doctors and nurses to the grocery store cashiers and delivery drivers, farmers and utility workers, millions of essential workers – many within our cooperative networks as employees and members – on the frontline have put the greater good before the safety of themselves and their families. We have an opportunity to lean into our Cooperative Principles and our concern for community by sharing messages of gratitude and support.

The steadfast efforts of essential, frontline employees to keep our community connected, nourished, and safe are already spurring an outpouring of recognition and support in our community and the Faces of Gratitude Project is a way to compliment, connect and amplify the volume and impact of our individual activities and expressions of thanks. The objectives of this Project connect to the cooperative identity and offers the cooperative movement a vehicle of meaningful communication and outreach.

Get Involved Now

It is as simple as adding a hashtag to your social media, and can be as involved and meaningful as getting your business, and even your employees, engaged in a 7-day Gratitude Challenge!

The Faces of Gratitude Project has developed several resources to help you creatively integrate gratitude messages and media into your existing social strategy and communications. Keep it simple with the Quick-Start Guide and use the Activation Guide & Social Media Guide for bigger ideas. From food co-ops and credit unions and other retail, consumer facing, in-person cooperative operations who have had to stop business-as-usual, to agriculture co-ops working as integral parts of our national food system and utility co-ops evolving to keep energy and water infrastructure operating; we all have a role to play.

More Than a Social Campaign—it’s a platform to help local businesses recover and survive in a post Covid world.

The initial objective to create a social media movement to recognize frontline workers is just the beginning. The Faces of Gratitude Project does not stop at a feel-good message; it is connecting people, businesses, and community organizations uniquely equipped to create a second-phase program of gratitude offers, discounts, and savings for frontline workers in a post-pandemic world and could be a huge engagement opportunity for cooperatives and credit unions.

“The Faces of Gratitude Project is a big push to recognize the small group of people sacrificing so much for the many. But it is more than that; we can be a platform for businesses to communicate special offers and discounts for our frontline heroes.” Says Howard Brodsky, Chairman, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of CCA Global Partnersand NCBA CLUSA board member.

It is a groundbreaking effort to connect the dots between social media and action to celebrate, reconnect, and rebuild after Covid-19 subsides. The Faces of Gratitude Project is the ultimate collaborative effort to combat the growing sense of helplessness in this crisis. Now is the time to concentrate on being a part of the lives of those in our communities and generate meaningful connections that can translate to engagement as the economy slowly and safely reopens. Join in, activate your network and business connections, and together we can make an impact.

Want to Know More, Share a Crazy Idea, or Get Involved in a Bigger Way?

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