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The Unbreakable Alimata Korogo

Alimata shares her success story with U.S. officials.

A few years ago, Alimata Korogo, a hard-working mother of six, was struggling to make ends meet as a peanut farmer in the Centre-Nord region of Burkina Faso. She was chronically food insecure, illiterate, in poor health, and unable to escape indebtedness.

In 2014, Alimata participated in a series of courses and training funded by USAID and implemented by NCBA CLUSA to learn about farming, home gardening, health, nutrition, and literacy. She was then put in charge of a farming group of 14 women with whom she shared the skills and knowledge received from the USAID-funded REGIS-ER project.

By building resilience in Burkina Faso and neighboring countries in the Sahel, USAID’s efforts are designed to break this cycle of poverty and crises, and allow the conditions for development to take root.

In a new article for Medium, author Olivier Le Blanc highlights the success story of Alimata Korogo and the tough road ahead for people in Niger and Burkina Faso due to climate change and violent extremism. Read here:

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