This holiday season, #shopcoop!

The holiday season is a great opportunity to support an inclusive, democratic and equitable economy by shopping at your local co-op!

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our purchasing choices and consider supporting our local communities. One way to do this is by shopping at cooperatives—a great opportunity to support an inclusive, democratic and equitable economy. 

Why #ShopCoop?

Empowering Local Communities Cooperatives are more than just businesses; they are democratic organizations owned and operated by their members. By shopping from cooperatives, you directly contribute to the well-being of your community.  

Ethical and Sustainable Practices Cooperatives prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in their operations. Many cooperatives emphasize fair trade, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.  

Diverse Product Offerings  Cooperatives span various industries, offering multiple products and services. By exploring cooperatives in your area, you can discover hidden gems and support the growth of local entrepreneurs. 

Community Engagement and Education Cooperatives are known for their commitment to community engagement and education. Many cooperatives organize events, workshops, and educational programs to raise awareness about pressing issues and provide valuable knowledge to their members and the wider community.   

This holiday season let’s make a conscious effort to support cooperatives and uplift our communities. Here are a few of our favorite cooperatives to shop from or donate to during the holiday season. 

Cards by DĂ©
Greeting cards, stationary, totes and t-shirts.


NCBA CLUSA Stakeholders

Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives
Morning pastries, artisan breads and gourmet pizza.
Ace Hardware
Hardware, home improvement, lawn and garden, tools and more.
Cabot Creamery
Award-winning cheese and other dairy products.
Alaska Peony Cooperative
Alaska grown premium peonies.
Care Pharmacies Cooperative
Co-op of independent community and retail specialty pharmacies.
Artisans Cooperative
Online handmade marketplace.
Equal Exchange
Fair trade and organic coffee, chocolate, tea, cocoa and snacks.
Backyard Farming Co-op
Community farming initiative.
Frontier Co-op
Sustainably sourced and organic spices, herbs and botanicals.
Black Food Justice
Just food and land revolution.
Organic Valley
Award-winning organic milk, cheese, butter and healthy snacks.
Breadhive Cafe & Bakery
Baked goods, cafe items and more.
Pachamama Coffee
100 percent farmer-owned coffee roaster.
Eco-friendly cleaning services.
Real Pickles
Organic fermented vegetables.
Cards by DĂ©
Greeting cards, stationary, totes and t-shirts.
Circle Yoga
Yoga classes, books, equipment and gift cards.
Equal Exchange
Fair trade and organic coffee, chocolate, tea, cocoa and snacks.
Firestorm Bookstore Co-op
Books, coffee and community.
Green Mountain Spinnery
Natural fiber yarn, patterns, books and accessories.
Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative
Screen prints, downloadable graphics.
Liberty Graphics T-shirts
Water-based ink t-shirt printer.
Palestinian Soap Company
Palestinian American direct distributor of Nablus soaps.
Pecan Milk Cooperative
Organic nut milks.
Red Emma’s
Books, food, baked goods, coffee and gift cards.
REI Co-op
Gear, apparel and footwear for outdoor and fitness activities.
Seattle Wholesale Growers Market
Seasonal flowers and foliage.
Snow River Cooperative
Wooden bowls and cutting boards.
SymbiOp Garden Shop
Ecological gift shop and native plant nursery.
TESA Collective
Co-opoly and other games and tools for social justice organizations.
Ujamaa Collective
Fair trade marketplace advancing African women.
Worx Printing
Worker-owned union cooperative printer.


Did we miss your favorite co-op to shop at during the holidays? Let us know using the button below, or share it on social media with the hashtag #shopcoop.

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