Cooperatives Can Advance DEI Lessons, Issues and Ways Forward


Leaders from multiple cooperative sectors gather to discuss the state of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our country and in our cooperative movement. This panel will follow an IMPACT DEI town hall session, during which conference attendees will engage through an interactive platform to share their own thoughts and experiences on the following: “Why is it so hard to talk about race, racism and racial justice in this country today?” “What barriers to DEI have they or their organizations encountered?” and “What steps should NCBA CLUSA and the co-op community take to advance DEI?” Panelist will discuss how they advance DEI within their sectors and how they raise awareness, stimulate conversations and forge actionable practices. What panelists share ultimately will paint a vivid picture of the concrete steps needed to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in our cooperative movement.

Moderator: John Holdsclaw IV, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, National Cooperative Bank
Moderator: Doug O’Brien, President and CEO, NCBA CLUSA
Panelist: Monica Davy, Director, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, National Credit Union Administration
Panelist: Maurice Smith, CEO, Local Government Federal Credit Union
Panelist: Faye Tate, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, CoBank
Panelist: Gina Schaefer: Founder and CEO, A Few Cool Hardware Stores

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