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Wadata Project wins one of the SCALE 2021 Creative Green Adaptation Awards


SCALE called out to humanitarian and development practitioners, who are rapidly adapting the ways in which they deliver critical aid and programming, and asked them to share how they are helping communities around the globe face unprecedented challenges due to climate change. As climate change looms, humanitarians and development practitioners are finding ways to adjust how they deliver critical aid and programming. Under their Creative Green Adaptation Award, SCALE sought examples of creative program adaptations that address environmental and climate change challenges in the sectors of agriculture, natural resource management (NRM), and livelihoods.

NCBA CLUSA’s Wadata Project in Niger won the award for technical excellence in an emergency setting for recovery of degraded pastoral lands.

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“Natural resource management is critical in improving the resource base people depend on and contributes to global climate change remediation efforts,” said NCBA CLUSA Building Resilient Communities Practice Area Director Douglas Steinberg. “Locally-led development efforts are vital to a worldwide climate change strategy.” 

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