George Ombado

Executive Director
African Confederation of Cooperative Savings and Credit Association

George Ombado is Development Economist with a keen interest in strategic management and discourse that helps developing countries attain financial inclusion and access. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business, master’s degree in Economics of Development from Erasmus University in the Netherlands, and a Master of Science in Management from Strathclyde Business School, UK.

He has 17 years of experience supporting financial inclusion and access initiatives. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the African Confederation of Cooperative Savings and Credit Association (ACCOSCA), an institution that supports the development of cooperative financial institutions in Africa. In this role, he has spearheaded strategic planning for a number of financial cooperatives in Africa.

George serves on the boards of the Africa Co-operative Development Foundation (ACDF) and The CADASTA Foundation. He is also the Director of Africa Development Educators Program and holds an I-CUDE designation. He is a part of the executive team providing leadership on a project funded by IFAD in Tanzania, Malawi and Ethiopia known as ā€œImproving Rural Financial Inclusion through Financial Co-operativesā€ in partnership with the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada and the Irish League of Credit Unions Foundation. George has contributed to numerous financial publications, including The Capital Conundrum for Cooperatives, published in 2015 by the International Cooperative Alliance.