Nick Leiter

Co-Founder and CEO

Nick Leiter has served 15 years as an officer and search and rescue helicopter pilot in the U.S. Coast Guard. He received a master’s degree in Public Policy with a focus on social entrepreneurship from Princeton University, where he founded Uproot to solve the unique homeownership challenges facing our nationÔÇÖs active duty service members.

Every year 650,000 military housing relocations happen. UPROOT Homes increases access to the financial benefits of homeownership for highly mobile professionals, beginning with our active duty military men and women. Offering a fintech platform that supports a fractional equity ownership system, UPROOT enables successive short-term homeowners to work together to pay down a single mortgage and access long-term ownership benefits. Founded by two active duty service members, UPROOT offers a community-minded alternative to the failing privatized military housing system.