Patrice Lockert Anthony

Owner and Principal Consultant
Black Label Consulting and Coaching

Patrice Lockert Anthony is the immediate past President of GreenStar Cooperative Market, Inc. She was the first African American (or any person of color) to head the organization in its 45+ year ‚Äúprogressive‚ÄĚ history. She accepted the challenge. She continues to address that challenge through her company, Black Label Consulting and Coaching, whose vision and mission is working toward racial equity and developing curricula that move that vision forward. Patrice works tirelessly to make sure that cooperative ideals are learned and practiced whether her company is working within the co-op industry, or without (because we want everybody exposed to what co-ops are, and how they can positively impact how we live our lives).

Patrice leads a busy life, and is ever committed to being part of the resistance that helps shape our communities, our nation and our world into what they can¬†be. Much of that begins with how monies are distributed, and that process begins with the lens we use to understand what we’re seeing and experiencing.