Twin Pines Voter Project

Twin Pines Voter Project Activities

Get started with these ideas

On social media

  • Share three social media posts (across any combination of platforms) that promote voter registration. Use the hashtag #coopsvote and tag @NCBACLUSA and @CoopsVote
  • Share a photo(s) that captures your Co-ops Vote experience on social media using the hashtags #coopsvote and #twinpinesvoter

At your co-op

  • Send an email from your CEO or GM to your co-op member-owners about Co-ops Vote
  • Share a Co-ops Vote one-pager with your members
  • Display a Co-ops Vote QR code in high-visibility places like countertops or check-out registers
  • Display a Co-ops Vote poster or other resource in your co-op‚Äôs lobby, office or other high-traffic area
  • Submit an article about Co-ops Vote in your co-op‚Äôs newsletter or other publication
  • Set up a Co-ops Vote display at your co-op‚Äôs annual meeting
  • Host a voter registration drive at your co-op

In your community

  • Share a Co-ops Vote resource at a community event
  • Create a Co-ops Vote ad for your local newspaper
  • Submit an op-ed about Co-ops Vote to your local newspaper
  • Invite federal, sate or local elected officials to visit your co-ops
  • Host a candidate or elected official for a meet-and-greet
  • Participate in a voter registration drive in your community


Click the button below to self-report your completed activities to NCBA CLUSA. Note that activities are not limited to the suggestions above‚ÄĒwe encourage you to be creative and tailor engagements and events to best suit your members and community. Mix and match or come up with your own ideas!

We’ll recognize all cooperatives that achieve Influencer, Pioneer and/or Evergreen status. All three achievement levels will receive a Twin Pines Voter Project logo to share on their website or social media platforms. Co-ops that achieve Pioneer and/or Evergreen status will receive an additional window cling to proudly display in their co-op!

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