Dina Omar, founder of the Palestinian Soap Cooperative, appears on Everything Co-op


Tune in to WOL 1450 AM, 95.9 FM and WOL Live Stream on March 9, 10:30 am ET, for Everything Co-op, hosted by Vernon Oakes. Everything Co-op continues its commemoration of Women’s History Month, with an interview of Dina Omar, founder of the Palestinian Soap Cooperative. Vernon and Dina will discuss the rich history and heritage associated with Nablus soap.

Dina Omar founded the Palestinian Soap Cooperative in the Fall of 2021 with her partner Chris Hebdon. She is from the village of Rammun, Palestine and grew up using Nablus soap, which is among the oldest soap making traditions in the world. One of the motivations for starting the cooperative was to go back to the basic economic lessons that her entrepreneur father taught her: the key is to offer the best quality for the most affordable price.

Dina is currently completing her doctorate degree at Yale University in Anthropology with a joint certification in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, she completed her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley where she studied and taught with June Jordan’s Poetry for the People 2006 and 2010. Dina is also an activist/organizer. -She was a founder of National Students for Justice in Palestine and is currently an active member of the Palestinian Feminist Collective.

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The theme for Women’s History Month is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” This theme recognizes “women, past and present, who have been active in all forms of media and storytelling. The stories behind the soap tradition dating back 4500 years to ancient Iraq, that Nablus soap continues, with the journey of how the Palestinian Soap Cooperative became, are powerful stories that will teach and inspire all who listen.

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