In historic merger, Independent Suppliers Group merges with TriMega Purchasing Association and Pinnacle Affiliates, LLC

Independent Suppliers Group, an NCBA CLUSA member, is an office products purchasing cooperative based in Indianapolis.

TriMega Purchasing Association (TPA), Independent Suppliers Group (ISG) and Pinnacle Affiliates, LLC (PA) announced last month that the boards of directors of all three organization have approved a Definitive Merger Agreement outlining the terms of a historic merger of the three organizations.

Key points of the agreement are the name and location of the new organization, the leadership of the new organization, and the inaugural Board of Directors.

Independent Suppliers Group (ISG), an NCBA CLUSA member, will be the surviving organization and will be the name of the new organization. The location will be the current offices of TPA in Chicago, Illinois. Michael Maggio, president of TPA, will be the CEO; Michael Gentile, president and CEO of ISG, will be the president; Charles Forman, COO of ISG, will be executive vice president of Dealer Development; Tom Hoffmann, vice president of Purchasing for TPA, will be vice president of Purchasing; and Jeff Matthews, CFO of ISG, will be CFO.

The new organization’s board of directors will have thirteen members initially‚ÄĒfive from TPA and four each from ISG and PA. The board members are: Ian Wist, George Wood, Thomas Jordan, Gary Ables, Yancey Jones, Sr., David Guernsey, Bruce Eaton, Kevin Johnson, John Leighton, Tonya Horn, Jordan Kudler, Brian Kerr and Tim Triplett.

The next step in the process is for the shareholders of the respective organizations to approve the merger agreement. PA shareholders have already held their vote, unanimously agreeing to the merger. ISG and TPA are holding Shareholder Meetings to explain the process and benefits to the membership with votes scheduled for June.

Meanwhile, the staffs of TPA and ISG have begun working on integration of the three organizations. Contingent upon ISG and TPA Shareholder approval, the merger is expected to close on July 1, 2019. Full integration of all three groups is expected to proceed through the 3rd quarter, with completion no later than Oct 1, 2019.

Questions should be directed to the board chairs of the three organizations listed above.

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