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NCBA CLUSA part of new partnership to achieve nutrition goals and build resilience in Niger

NCBA CLUSA will work with local governance groups in Niger to support nutrition goals.

Building more resilient communities in the Zinder region of Niger, NCBA CLUSA is partnering with Save the Children on the new five-year USAID Food for Peace Wadata Project. Wadata, which means ‚Äúprosperity‚ÄĚ in Hausa, represents the vision of collaborating with individuals, households, communities and government as co-creators to generate growth.

Integrating sectors such as food security, nutrition, water and sanitation with governance and skills-building, the Wadata project will support 27,000 households in over 150 villages to improve and sustain food and nutrition security and build resilience to shocks and stresses.

The Wadata project will serve three purposes: to enhance collective action to address food, nutrition and water security; to increase the capacities, assets and agency for improved access to diverse food at all times of the year; and to improve nutrition, health and hygiene and sanitation of pregnant women and young mothers, adolescents, children under five and their families.

NCBA CLUSA’s role will include supporting local governance committees to address food, nutrition, water security and natural resource management challenges as well as provide technical guidance across a range of specialties including women’s access to finance, water services, natural resource management, and increased livestock production.

Strengthening community-based organizations in concert with village development committees will support a more inclusive planning process as communities work to build resiliency. In parallel, Wadata will also collaborate with the private sector, health facility and the Government of Niger to create an enabling environment.

The Wadata project will contribute to USAID‚Äôs overall investments in resilience in the Sahel region of West Africa, including NCBA CLUSA‚Äôs current resilience project USAID|REGIS ‚ÄďER. The Wadata project will continue in Niger through 2023.

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