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NCBA CLUSA’s Resilience Practice Area Director Douglas Steinberg to present at 2021 AGRF Summit

This year’s AGRF Summit will explore the pathways and actions needed to transform our food system. [photo: AGRF Summit]
Scheduled for September 7-10, 2021 with sessions taking place virtually and in-person in Nairobi, Kenya, the 2021 AGRF Summit is the largest dialogue on inclusive agricultural transformation in Africa.
The three-day event provides a global platform for governments and communities—including youth, women, civil society and other stakeholders—to discuss their food systems and identify ways to strengthen them. This year, the summit will focus on pathways to recovery and resilient food systems that:
  • deliver sufïŹcient and nutritious food
  • do not impact the environment negatively
  • create sustainable, digniïŹed jobs, and shared prosperity for Africa

This year, at the summit pre-conference on September 6, NCBA CLUSA’s Building Resilient Communities Practice Area Director Douglas Steinberg is part of a panel called “Forging Resilient Food Systems with Smallholder Farmers and Agri-SMEs,” organized by AMEA and Harvest Plus.

This session will highlight the urgent need to support practical, proven, scalable approaches to engaging and empowering those who make up the backbone of African agriculture and food systems: smallholder farmers and agri-food SMEs. The session will look beyond the high-level discussion of food systems transformation and hear from those “on the ground” about what works, what doesn’t, and what our priorities should be.

Steinberg will present on social justice in food systems with a focus on gender equity and including women in the food system, drawing on lessons from NCBA CLUSA’s U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Feed the Future Kawolor Project.

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