Next Tuesday: Join us for the second webinar in our REGIS-ER Closeout Webinar Series

By helping communities prepare for and recover from shocks and stressors, habbanayé helps break the cycle of humanitarian crisis and response.

The National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA) and the RISE II Sahel Collaboration and Communication activity invite you to join us for a series of webinars celebrating the impact and legacy of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Resilience and Economic Growth in the Sahel-Enhanced Resilience (REGIS-ER) project.

The second webinar in this series is scheduled for Tuesday, March 2, 2021 from 9:00-10:00 am EST/14:00-15:00 GMT.

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This webinar series will highlight project impacts and pitfalls, key findings from the final evaluation and feature lessons learned and adaptations made over seven years of implementation. The discussion will engage staff, stakeholders, government partners and USAID to reflect on three elements critical to the project’s success and its future sustainability: Habbanaye, Local Conventions and Citizen Working Groups.

Our second webinar in this closeout series will focus on Habbanayé, one of the flagship activities promoted by REGIS-ER. Habbanayé is a livestock asset-building activity that helps communities prepare for and recover from shocks and stressors, breaking the cycle of humanitarian crisis and response. The activity involves lending a goat or other small ruminant to a community member—usually women or vulnerable households. Once the borrowed animal gives birth, it is returned to its owner, but the recipient rears the offspring. The cycle continues as new animals are born, distributing the wealth of livestock throughout the community. During this webinar, our panelists will discuss the impact of Habbanayé on enhancing resilience by building sustainable social safety nets in Burkina Faso and Niger.

Moderated by Abdourahmane Ndiaye, USAID Senegal’s Mission Environmental Officer for Niger, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Gambia and Chad, this discussion will feature AĂŻ Abarchi, Technical Director for REGIS-ER; Moizou Abdoulwahid, REGIS-ER’s Former National Livestock Specialist for Niger; and Stephen Pils, an Independent Livestock Consultant.

Register now to learn from one of the longest-running, multi-sectoral resilience activities in the Sahel. As USAID’s flagship RISE I activity, REGIS-ER laid the foundation for the next five to ten years of sustained resilience investments and demonstrated what’s possible when communities work together to build self-reliance and solve challenges.

Next week’s webinar will be conducted in French, with simultaneous English translation. Webinar resources will be available in both languages.

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