Opinion: Co-ops Must Become a Greater Part of our Community Economic Development Toolbox


In an op-ed recently published by The News-Gazette, covering East Central Illinois, Keith Taylor unpacks an approach to community economic development he says is rapidly gaining attention, and for good reason: cooperative business development. Co-ops, he writes, “represent the kind of resiliency that we desperately need in our communities.” Taylor is a former board member of Common Ground Food Co-op and a graduate of the University of Illinois Human and Community Development Ph.D. program. He now serves as a research associate with the Ostrom Workshop at Indiana University, a board member of the Indiana Co-op Development Center and a member of NCBA CLUSA.

Continue reading Taylor’s op-ed here: http://ncbaclusa100.coop/news/2016/6/14/co-ops-remain-sturdy-businesses

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