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Over 2,500 Ugandan Youth are Forming Startup Co-ops, Sustainably Professionalizing Incubator Businesses


At an event in Kamapla last month, NCBA CLUSA’S Youth Empowerment Through Agriculture team spoke with Uganda’s Capital Radio, highlighting how partnerships are supporting youth to invest in their futures.

Read the full piece and watch the video to learn how over 2,500 youth in Uganda are now putting their training to work by forming co-ops to professionalize their businesses while keeping local governance and their own voices center.

A range of partners from the donor community, government and the private sector have moved towards having more youth get employed through agriculture. So far over 27,000 youth in Northern Uganda are beneficiaries of a US $11.5 million grant with the objective of interesting youth in farming under the Youth Empowerment Through Agriculture (YETA) program.

Read the full article.

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