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PENS project advances Peru’s goal to become global leader in ginger, turmeric and oregano production

PENS is creating a pathway for farmers to prosper and contribute to global spice markets.

According to the Peruvian Association of Exporters (ADEX), the region of Junín in Peru’s central highlands is emerging as a hub of ginger and turmeric production for export to Europe, North America and Asia.

Peru exported 8,453 tons of ginger in the first quarter of 2024, 90 percent of which was produced in Junín, ADEX reported. To strengthen this capacity, it is critical to meet and maintain international quality standards and certifications.

NCBA CLUSA’s People, Nature and Spices (PENS) project, funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Food for Progress, is supporting the production of high-quality ginger, turmeric and oregano in Peru while creating a pathway for farmers to prosper and contribute to global spice markets.

The project is incentivizing market-driven opportunities and adopting climate-smart practices to build the capacities of farmers—including women, youth and indigenous communities. By 2027, the project expects to directly impact more than 12,000 producers and processors in the country.

In May, PENS collaborated with the organizers of two events in Junín focused on raising the visibility of and creating business opportunities for Peruvian ginger and turmeric: Ginger Week 2024 from May 8-10 in the province of Satipo, and the 1st International Ginger Convention from May 23-25 in the district of Pichanaqui.

PENS Chief of Party Douglas Barcenas speaks at Ginger Week 2024, one of several recent events the project has participated in. [photo courtesy ADEX]
Additionally, PENS partnered with the organizers of the Oregano Festival, which took place May 14-19 in the department of Tacna in southern Peru near the Chilean border. This event raised awareness of the high quality of oregano produced in Peru’s mountain and coastal areas. It also facilitated exchanges between local producers and potential buyers from other countries, including the North American company Pure Ground Ingredients, globally recognized for commercializing certified organic products.

These events brought together key actors from the ginger, turmeric and oregano value chains, including producers, processors, local authorities, private companies and trade associations, among others. They provided an opportunity for technical seminars, business meetings and exhibitions of products and services. More than 180 business meetings were held, as well as several discussions on strategic alliances between the public and private sectors to improve production conditions and develop joint actions to mitigate the impacts of climate change that are affecting Peru’s soil, water and natural resources.

PENS will continue working with local and international strategic partners to replicate future collaborations as part of its work to cement Peru as a global leader in the production of high-quality ginger, turmeric and oregano.

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