The International Labour Organization is updating its database of experts; Apply now to represent the U.S. co-op community

Apply by June 7, 2019 to be included in the International Labour Organization’s new database of experts.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) promotes the cooperative business model to create and maintain sustainable enterprises, offering jobs that not only provide income but also pave the way for broader social and economic advancement—empowering individuals, their families and their communities.

The ILO’s Cooperatives Unit (COOP) is currently updating its database of experts—both individuals and organizations—on a wide range of topics relevant to cooperatives and the wider social and solidarity economy, including development, management, governance, education, entrepreneurship, gender, child labor, collective bargaining, occupational safety and health, policy, legislation, statistics and institutional frameworks.

If you or your cooperative are experts in any of these technical areas (see the full list), NCBA CLUSA and the International Cooperative Alliance encourage you to respond to the ILO’s request. In an email to its members today, ICA noted that it is about to renew its memorandum of understanding with the ILO, making it “particularly critical” for organizations that represent the cooperative community to respond. NCBA CLUSA represents the U.S. cooperative community to the ICA.

The submissions deadline in June 7, 2019. Find details on eligibility and how to apply here.

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