The meaning behind the Twin Pines Voter Project: Have you ever seen a pine tree growing alone?


Last week, NCBA CLUSA announced the Twin Pines Voter Project, a program of Co-ops Vote. The goal of this program is to increase civic engagement by cooperatives among their members and in their communities, including promoting voter registration, meeting with candidates and elected officials, and advocating for the cooperative business model.

Today, we wanted to share more behind the meaning and mission of this project, as well as additional resources to support co-ops in these activities.

NCBA CLUSA’s first president, Dr. James Peter Warbasse, created the Twin Pines symbol for cooperatives in North America. Pine trees are symbols of sustainability and longevity, representing the endurance of cooperation. Not only do these trees have the unique ability to adapt and thrive in highly diverse climates to ensure a long future, but they also are known to thrive the most when planted and growing together with other pine trees. You almost never see a pine tree growing alone.

Like pine trees, cooperatives succeed in nearly every sector of the economy and are united in mutual cooperation to achieve their shared goals. Also like pine trees, cooperative businesses are known for the longer lifespans, greater resilience and, importantly, co-ops thrive in a robust ecosystem alongside other cooperatives.

We hope that through the Twin Pines Voter Project, co-ops deepen their roots in their communities to advance the cooperative movement through civic engagement and democracy building.

In that vein, we are excited to share more resources and tools for co-ops to participate in the Twin Pines Voter Project.

Co-ops can download and use two different QR codes. This QR code links users to the webpage for resources on the Co-ops Vote program and information about their upcoming elections.





This QR code links directly to a Co-ops Vote webpage where individuals can check to see if they are registered to vote!





Co-ops can place these QR codes in places of high visibility to their members, including at front desks, cash registers, on mailed statements to members, and so many other places. Take a picture of where your co-op posted the QR code to get credit for the activities and to share examples to other co-ops that are participating in the Twin Pines Voter Project!

You are also welcome to download and share the pdfs below. Use the Twin Pines Voter Project Overview to introduce the project, then share the Twin Pines Voter Project Activities for anyone looking to get involved! More resources and information on the Twin Pines Voter Project are available on our website:

Download the Twin Pines Voter Project Overview


Download the Twin Pines Voter Project Activities

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