Webinar: A cooperative response to the affordable housing crisis


ROC USA¬ģ is working to make resident home ownership viable nationwide. [photo: ROC USA¬ģ]
Join NCBA CLUSA and experts from across the cooperative housing sector for a virtual briefing on Monday, December 14 from 2-3 p.m. EST.

By contributing to sustainable, stable housing opportunities, cooperative housing is an important part of the affordable housing toolkit‚ÄĒespecially in communities historically discriminated against by lending institutions. And as the effects of COVID-19 continue to reverberate, worsening the affordable housing crisis in the U.S., cooperative housing is more critical than ever.

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Housing cooperatives have been underutilized in recent decades despite a proven track record in communities of all types: in both urban and rural settings; among specific demographics, including seniors, veterans, students; and in many different forms, including limited equity housing cooperatives, multi-family cooperatives, and manufactured housing communities. This webinar will address the current work by community and economic development organizations to address housing challenges using cooperatives, as well as policy barriers and opportunities going forward to address the shortage of affordable housing.

Moderated by NCBA CLUSA President and CEO Doug O’Brien, this webinar features the following panelists:

Casey Fannon
President and Chief Lending Officer
National Cooperative Bank



Kim Garmany
Executive Director
College Houses



Danielle Maiden
ROC Program Manager
NeighborWorks Montana



Andy Reicher
Executive Director
Urban Homesteading Assistance Board

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