Why the Cooperative Model Needs to be at the Heart of Our New Economy

A review from Fast Company amplifies the thesis of Nathan Schneider’s new book: co-ops are not only feasible in the modern economy, but could also amend some of its shortcomings.

The transition from top-down corporation to democratically-run cooperative might seem radical, but it’s actually a traditional American way of doing business—and it’s also at the core of Nathan Schneider’s new book, Everything for Everyone: The Radical Tradition that Is Shaping the Next Economy, according to a Fast Company review.

In his book, Schneider—a journalist and professor of media studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder—traces the roots of cooperative movements worldwide and makes the point that cooperatives have the potential to distrust capitalism, transforming how people do business and build communities.

“In documenting both the reach of co-ops already in existence, as well as how they operate and the benefits they deliver to people who participate in them, Schneider makes the case that the various cooperative models are not only feasible in the modern economy, but could also help rectify some of its more serious ailments, from social inequity to economic disenfranchisement,” Eillie Anzilotti writes in the review.

Read the full review from Fast Company here: https://www.fastcompany.com/90249347/why-the-cooperative-model-needs-to-be-at-the-heart-of-our-new-economy. And pick up a copy of Schneider’s book here: https://nathanschneider.info/books/everything-for-everyone/

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