#CoopsFor2020 Toolkit

Join the #CoopsFor2020 Campaign

Last week, NCBA CLUSA published an open letter asking candidates running in the 2020 Presidential Election to recognize the cooperative business model as a tool for the economic success and self-determination of their constituents. Already, we are in conversation with six campaigns. To help raise awareness of the letter and get more candidates on board, we’re launching a Letter to the Editor Campaign!

With the 2020 Presidential Election on the horizon, the #CoopsFor2020 Campaign is an opportunity to embrace a nonpartisan issue every voter and every candidate can rally around: using cooperatives to build stable, sustainable businesses and communities. We believe the voting public deserves to know that co-ops are a powerful policy solution and integral part of rising to meet challenges that range from rural connectivity and clean energy to affordable housing, food access and financial security.

You can join the #CoopsFor2020 Campaign by sending a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper or publication and asking them to publish our open letter. Follow the prompts in our sample letter template to customize your message. Click on “Writing Your Letter” below to find a guide to optimize your chances of getting published and learn why, even when they’re not published, Letters to the Editor can be a powerful way to get an important issue on a publication’s radar. Click on “Social Media” for sample social media posts you can use to share the #CoopsFor2020 Campaign.